From a member of the 2nd Vermont Volunteers on hearing that Israel Goode would no longer be following the regiment:   

     It is with rejoicing eyes that I read yours of earlier this day,the 23rd, notifying that Israel Goode is to be "No More.  (Hazah!) My God man you hast now restored  my faith and trust in "our leadership" to have FINALLY come to their scenses in realizing this man for what he is!... Again hazah to finally ousting the rascle so that he can no longer be in a position to take advantage of us poor privates with his shotty merchandise and outlandish prices!

    May I suggest that he be branded with the new name of "Ima Schyster or Ube Screwed" as he's drummed out from under the likes of the 2nd Vermont.

    It's unthinkable that a business man of his shady calliber should be allowed to continue robbing us hard working servients of the Northern Army, under any kind of re-configered "New Name"! After all.... what kind of man Steals another mans name and uses it under fale pretenses as he (inadequetly I might add) proceeds to supply the personal supliments and  comforts needed by us men in the 2nd Vt.  He's been misusing his advantage of a monopoly, as has been granted to him in "good faith" by our Brass, to supply us goods and services.  Is this not concreat proof of his dishonist  and shady character?

   So I implore upon you 1st Sgt. not to let your men down and have this no good Suttler Goode replaced with some one who can be trusted to provide fine quality at a fair price. We men work hard for our measley soldier pay and do not take kindly to then be cheated out of our due as we atempt to obtain the few needed additional comforts of life not otherwise provided by our Uncle Abe!


I remain your humble Private,



PS.....I again protest openly of my pay, from our Shelburne campaign last, having been deducted by $7.23 for amounts due Suttler Goode for falty merchandice that I was not able to us or drink from the moment I purchased it...This man is emphatically a schyster and his removal from serving the 2nd should be swift... as should the return of my said funds that were unjustly deducted.