Saul Goode, sutler, invites the hungry and careworn soldier under his tent where he will have all of his material and gustatory needs met promptly and at a fair price. Mr. Goode has on hand a large stock of articles including:

CAKES, PIES, CANDIES, FIGS, LEMONS & ORANGES, BOOTS and SHOES, all kinds of GLOVES, Woolen SOCKS and DRAWERS, SEGARS, TOBACCO - Plug, Fine Cut & Twist, PIPES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, FRICTION MATCHES, Sausage, smoked and dried, CHEESE and BUTTER, Boxed Herring & Sardines, BAZIN'S CELEBRATED SHAVING SOAP, RAZORS, CAKE AND SOFT SOAP, TOWELS, Candles, Envelopes, Paper, Wafers, Pens & Pencils, BRANDIED PEACHES, CHERRIES AND PEARS, PICKLES, Tin Boilers & Dippers (all sizes!), FRYING PANS AND SAUCE PANS, Buttons - bone, brass, glass, tin and horn, Blacking Brushes, Clothing Brushes, Hair Brushes and Teeth Brushes, NEEDLES, THIMBLES, PINS.


And many more goods of quality most wondrous and variety beyond imagination. &c. &c. &c.


Saul Goode is in the process of scheduling his 2017 season. So far the events he  is planning to attend are:


March 10 - 12: Garrison of Point Lookout (Scotland, MD)

(limited enrollment event run by the Liberty Rifles)


April 1-2: Winter Camp at Camp Griffin (Montgomery, NY)

(limited enrollment event run by the 124th NYSV )

portraying the 2nd Vt in winter quarters at Camp Griffin, 1861-2

June 17 - 18: Rally for Norlands (Livermore, ME)

co-sponsored by the 3rd Maine, Co A and 15th Alabama Co G at the Washburn Norlands Living History Center


If you would like to have Saul Goode set up shop for your regiment or affair feel free to contact him at john.peterson@ottertin.com. 

(photo by Peter Fisk - thank you, Peter!)



Saul Goode, offers superior wares with generous discount to soldiers carrying cash in hand! Soldiers without cash may apply for credit against their next pay with their company captain. Special attention is paid to orders from OFFICERS for any articles they may want.




John Peterson has recently begun to do an impression of a Civil War regimental sutler. Here he is at the Vermont History Expo at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair Grounds. This is not a money-making endeavor so he does not actually sell items* (although he gives away many samples of crackers, ginger snaps and pickles and makes change with sutler scrip.) Inquire if you are interested in having him attend your living history event.


* John would be glad to tell you where to get his various wares some of which are original pieces and many of which are reproductions. Much of the glassware, toilet and shaving articles and drygoods (suspenders, etc.) can be purchased from NJ SEKELA. John makes most of his boxes, tinware and papergoods himself.


John/Mr.Goode on "Across the Fence"


Testimonial from one of Israel* Goode's customers

*predecessor to Saul Goode

Friend, let's talk business...


Highest quality goods at fair prices!

At Gettysburg

(from http://civilwar150pinholeproject.com/)


A true friend to the soldier in need.

Comforting a lonely (and pretty) widow.

Saul Goode's patient wife

Winter quarters at P'int Lookout with Private Davis and Saul Goode's clerk, Andrew "Pompey" Cass

There lies the oyster, Alas! she refuses to yield her charms...


Saul Goode doing business with Private Cheeseboro at the federal depot at Yorktown, Virginia

Saul Goode, Captain of Commerce and Titan of Trade!


About my name ... for a short time I went by the name "Israel Goode." I wish I could say that I was clever enough to come up with it but it is actually the brain child of my good friend Eric Hector who graciously allowed me to use it while I started this impression even though he had been using it for his own sutler business. My lovely wife suggested an alternative, Saul Goode ('s all good!)


A lot of people want to know if Saul Goode is Jewish, or as many would say in the middle 1800s, a "Yiddisher." Although Jews, who had been in America since the colonial period, were established in mercantile endeavors by the time of the Civil War (and General Grant had famously disparaged them during his tenure in the Western Department) Mr. Goode chooses to demur when asked about religion and prefers to answer with his own question, "Are we not all the sons of Adam?"